Tallit Exploratory Quiz

The questions below are designed to encourage you to explore the significance and religious meanings associated with the tallit. There are no right or wrong answers; rather, whatever answer you consider will lead you to new insights. Feel free to explore several answers to each question.

1. The purpose of the Tzitzit is:

To feel closer to God.
To have something to play with during services.
To serve as a reminder of God's commandments.

2. Another Jewish ritual object with a similar purpose is:

Shabbat candlesticks.
Seder plate.

3. Which of the following appeals to you?

Wearing a tallit makes me feel wrapped in God's presence.
Wearing a tallit makes me feel "dressed and ready" to pray.
• Wearing a tallit makes me feel connected to other Jews.

4. If you do not wear a tallit for prayer, is it because:

I'm not yet 13 years old.
Where I pray, no one wears a tallit.
I usually go to synagogue for evening services.
• I would feel uncomfortable.