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Another Jewish ritual object with a similar purpose is: the Seder plate.

The seder plate is a beautiful example of Jewish religious art. It is a plate with six compartments, designed to hold six symbolic foods and items for the ritual of the Passover seder, on the first two nights of the spring festival of Pesach: the shank bone, the roasted egg, the bitter herbs, the parsley, the charoset (a delicious concoction of chopped nuts, apples, and wine), and the chazeret (a green vegetable). The seder plate is not a ritual object; there are no commandments pertaining to it. In fact, while several of the objects on the plate are referred to during the seder service, some are not. Nonetheless, the seder plate enjoys a central location and much attention at the Pesach seder, whether it has been made by a world-famous artisan, or a young "local artist."

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