Tallit Exploratory Quiz

If you do not wear a tallit for prayer, is it because: I'm not yet 13 years old.

The terms "bar mitzvah" and "bat mitzvah" mean the "age of responsibility for the commandments" for a male, and female, respectively. By tradition, a boy reaches his age of legal majority within the Jewish community at 13 years and one day. A girl reaches the age of legal majority at 12 years and one day, though many congregations recognize the age of 13 for both boys and girls. Prior to turning 13, a Jewish youngster is not responsible for fulfilling the commandments and obligations of Jewish life; it is assumed that they are learning them and being trained by their parents and teachers. Upon reaching 13, however, they are responsible for themselves. Wearing tzitzit is among the mitzvot which are not encumbent upon one until the age of thirteen. However, there is nothing which prevents one from wearing tzitzit, and a tallit, prior to the age of thirteen.

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