The Power of Gemilut Chasadim

by Rachel Berkowitz and Naomi Scheinerman
written 12/23/98
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Mother returned home to the same clutter, clatter, and quarreling. "Joshua, please set the table for dinner," she attempted to say cheerfully.

"Set the table? Now?" Joshua responded, his voice getting louder and angrier with each word. "I have a ton of homework and how could anyone get it done with these pests around the house making so much noise."

Mother took a deep breath and, remembering the words of the rabbi, she said, "I understand completely, Joshua. I'll set the table for you tonight. You are welcome to use my office to do your homework because it will much quieter there. Let me know if you need some help and I'll come right away."

Joshua looked quizzically at his mother. "Okay," he said quietly, and disappeared with his books and papers.

Mother cleared off the kitchen table and set it. She started dinner.

Some twenty minutes later, Joshua reappeared looked relieved. "The homework wasn't really all that hard once I got down to it," he said. "Thanks for letting me use your office. It made a big difference. Can I help set the table?"

Mother glanced at the table and smiled. "Already done, but I'm sure there are other things in this crazy house to do this afternoon. Look around. Thanks for offering to help, Joshua. I appreciate it."

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