One year, there was a terrible drought. No rain fell for months and months. Chaim and Miriam planted seeds that spring, but nothing grew. Their food supplies dwindled. As if this wasn't enough, everything became so dry that one day, the little shop attached to their home caught fire and burned to the ground. Miriam and Chaim got there just in time to save their house, but the shop was nothing but soot and ashes.

Miriam cried out, "Now we'll never be able to earn a living! What will we do?"

Rachel said, "Don't worry, Ema. God will help us and we will rebuild the store."

"The rains will fall again and soon we'll be growing crops," Naomi tried to reassure her mother.

"How fortunate we are that our house didn't burn down, too," added Aliza.

That night the girls stayed up late in their bedroom, talking about the family's situation, praying to God, and planning what they should do.

The next day, Naomi went to the neighbor's. She offered to sweep the floors, wash the windows, and do the laundry. The neighbor paid her for her efforts and promised her more work the following week.

Rachel and Aliza visited another neighbor, where they did some cleaning and cooking, and watched their small children for the afternoon. Rachel and Aliza, too, were paid for their work and invited to return the following week.

The next day, the girls visited the rabbi, and explained their family's situation. The rabbi praised them for their hard work and said, "May God be with you."

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