Throughout the summer, the girls continued to work for their neighbors and hid their earnings in a little leather pouch under a loose floorboard in their bedroom.

Rosh Hashanah came and went. The family was not able to have a big feast, as always, but they managed a small one. With Sukkot around the corner, Miriam became very sad.

"Here is our harvest festival and we have no harvest. Not even enough for our own celebration, let alone crops to sell to get us through the winter," Miriam lamented. "We cannot even buy the children paper and crayons to make decorations for the sukkah."

While Chaim and Miriam built a sukkah behind the house, the three girls took their savings from under the floorboard and went to the market. They bought fruits, vegetables, cheese, bread, and wine. Then they bought white candles to light in the sukkah.

When they arrived home, they prepared a feast for their parents.

"Where did you get all this food?" asked Miriam in amazement.

"We've been working all summer," the girls explained and handed their parents the little leather pouch full of coins that they had been hiding.

"You are wonderful children," said Chaim, "and we are fortunate parents."

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