Jewish Education Resources

Here you will find resoures for Jewish teachers to use in the classroom and for lesson preparation. This page will be expanded periodically If you have suggestions or requests for this page, please contact me.

Hebrew Resources

Hebrew Alphabet (you can download a chart of the Hebrew block print and cursive alphabets, along with the names of the letters and the sounds they make)

The Tanakh (you can view and copy a graphic depiction of the contents of the Tanakah -- Hebrew Scriptures -- for use by your students)

Hebrew Grammar to accompany the Behrman House Hebrew & Heritage New Siddur Program.

Hebrew Possessive Suffixes (chart and examples)


Telling stories with a valuable message is a staple of every good religious school teacher. Here are many suggestions of both stories to tell and how to present them in varied and interesting formats. Your students will love hearing them and you will enjoy preparing and sharing them with your students.

Songbooks for Jewish teachers

Shirim Al Galegalim, Debbie Friedman

Holiday Songbook for Kids, Fran Avni

The Rabbi Joe Black Songbook

Manginot: 201 Songs for Jewish Schools

Other Resources

Two Candles Burn (a audio tape of songs for young children covering most holidays) -- The songs are eminently singable, cheerful, and easy to learn. You might be concerned about the Ashkenazic pronounciation and accenting, but this is easy to change. I especially liked "Let's Build a Succah," "The Wickedest of All," "Seder Prayer," and "Celebrate" for Sukkot, Purim, Pesach, and Shavuot respectively.

Holocaust: An End to Innocence is a website produced by Seymour Rossel, author of many high quality textbooks. This site provides a complete introduction to the Holocaust and its meaning that can be read by students and their parents alike.

Basic Judaism-on-the-Web is another site provided by Seymour Rossel which serves as an introduction to many concepts and issues.


Playscript for Yettele's Feathers. Looking for an easy and wonderful story about Lashon Hara and repentance? Here's just the thing. To see photos of a production of Yettele's Feathers, click here.

Playscript for Hershel of Ostropol and the Chanukah Goblins, based on several books by Eric Kimmel.

Playscript for The Wise Shoemaker of Studena, based on the book by that title written by Syd Lieberman and illustrated by Martin Lemelman.

Project Ideas

Making a Mizrach