Making a Mizrach

A mizrach is an ornamental piece that hangs in a Jewish home located west of Jerusalem on the EAST WALL. The word "mizrach" means "east." It therefore points toward Jerusalem. There is a tradition of having a Mizrach in one's home so that one always knows which way is Jerusalem. Jews pray facing Jerusalem.

For this project, the children learn the importance of Jerusalem in Jewish life, both as the location of the Temple of King Solomon, and the Second Temple, and as the spiritual center of Jewish life. Stories about Jerusalem and King Solomon can be woven into the explanation of Jerusalem.



  1. Each board should be painted with several coats of white paint.
  2. The word "Mizrach," in Hebrew) is lightly stenciled on the boards in the position determined by the student.
  3. The student paints many layers of white glue over the letters. This may take several lessons to do, and other lessons concerning Jerusalem and its importance can be taught, while leaving enough time for the project during each class period. The layers of glue will created a "raised" or embossed effect for the letters.
  4. Pour off half the oil in the jar of tester's gold paint so that the paint will be thicker. The student then paints the letters of the Mizrach with the gold paint, which will resemble gold leaf.
  5. Students decorate the rest of the board with pictures of Jerusalem and seal them with decoupage.
  6. Finally, decorate with glitter.