Silly Purim Songs

Guess My Name

(to the tune of Tumbalalaika)


Play with me, dance with me, join in my song.
Clap with me, tape with me, sing it along.
Purim is here, a holiday of fun.
Just guess my name as soon as I'm done.

I was once a king's delight.
Then he told me to get out of sight
He gave orders I just couldn't see.
I didn't obey -- my name is _____________.


I am hamalka in Hebrew we say.
Without me there just would be no Purim day.
I saved my people from Haman so mean.
You know my name, it's _________ the queen.


I helped the queen to bring us glory.
I am the hero of this Purim story.
I was told to get ready to die.
You know my name, it's brave ________!


People would bow down when I walked about.
Now they use graggers to drown my name out.
If you guess this riddle my name you'll be namin'.
So say it out loud. I'm mean and wicked ________.



(to the tune of Jingle Bells)

Dashing through Shushan
On a horse that is the king's
Wearing royal robes
With gold and diamond rings
Haman's leading you
Angry as can be
His plan was not to honor you
but to hang you from a tree!

Oh! Mordecai, Mordecai!
The king has honored you
Wear his crown, do up the town
Do what you want to do!