Web Development and Design

My Wedding Website

In June, I'm getting married! I made the website myself and you can view it here. My only constraints were the color scheme (generally outlined by my fiancee) and inclusion of some of the widgets. The website was built using basic HTML and CSS, and hosted on Dropbox so that it was easy for me to make updates.


As part of my employment at the Office of Student Affairs, I built this website for the Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs group. The website is built using Drupal, as well as HTML, CSS, and Jquery effects. I sought to apply some of my UI knowledge in the design of this website, and I am pleased with how it turned out. You can see some screenshots of the design on the left, and please visit the actual site to see the rest.


I contributed to the construction of a social networking site for young people with chronic kidney disease (CKD) called Ktalk. The website is built in Drupal and designed for young people to create profiles, chat and connect and share photos. I was responsible for the "theme" of the website, as in, making subtle changes to the built in Drupal theme to make the website look right. I used my CSS skills to give the site a more unique look and feel, to improve the user experience. Due to privacy concerns, I cannot link you to the site itself.

Millennium Project
Millenium Project

The Millenium Project at the University of Michigan employed me to build a faculty histories database for them. This website, built in Drupal, was designed so that faculty would be able to upload their biographies and curriculum vitae and so outsiders could read the histories and understand a little better the work that was being done at the University of Michigan. The project ended up being discontinued and the site taken down.