User Experience Design

Ford Motor Company

I am currently working as a Usability Specialist at Ford Motor Company. My position consists primarily of designing interfaces for large scale internal Ford web applications using iRise and Axure. My current project is an Agile, two year long project of which I am part of a large team and am the sole designer working with ten developers. In addition to user interface design, I also conduct usability testing and card sorts. Unfortunately, due to corporate security I cannot post screenshots of the vast majority of my projects, as they are for internal Ford use only. There is one project I worked on that is public facing and screenshots of that can be seen in the slideshow on the left.


During my second year at Michigan I worked as part of a team to develop an application for Ford and Microsoft. We built an application that functions on Android phones and the dashboard of a custom made Ford Fiesta. Please view the slides to the left, which will illustrates the stages of the project, from whiteboarding to low fi prototyping to hi fi prototypes. For more information, head over to EnRoute's website. There, you can find more information on all aspects of the project.

Nextext project

While at Michigan, I was part of a team tasked with creating a design for a digital textbook. We completed a series of tasks, including contextual inquiry, user interviews, scenarios and personas, low fi prototyping and high fi prototyping. Within five months, we had a working prototype. The slides on the left illustrate the final prototype, the low fi mockup, the affinity wall the team created, and one of the personas we created to help us understand our users better.

Law Library Evaluation

I undertook an evaluation of the University of Michigan Law Library's website. Working in a team, we conducted user interviews, heuristic evaluations, surveyed users, and used comparative evaluations. We created interaction maps, to understand the information architecture of the website, and created personas and scenarios to better understand the user. Through the use of these tools, we evaluated the usability of the website and made a series of suggestions to the law library IT staff. You can see some screenshots of the methods we used to evaluate the law library website in the slides on the left, namely, personas, surveys, and user testing.

Iowa State REU

When I was an undergraduate, I participated in a summer long human-computer interaction (HCI) research internship at Iowa State University, specifically at the Virtual Reality Applications Center. The internship consisted of a variety of academic courses, including C++ programming, computer graphics, ethics, and how to conduct academic research in the field of HCI. In addition, I also was part of an interdisciplinary research team that designed and built a computer game using the emerged technology of augmented reality. To view my team's poster, click here. To read the academic paper we wrote, click here. To watch the Youtube video of my team explaining our augmented reality application, click here.