Graphic Design

I took a graphic design class spring of 2011, and created a variety of sample designs for my portfolio. Here are some examples of the work I did. For all of my work in one easy location, head over to my Scribd portfolio.

iPhone mockups

This project was to create an iPhone interface for a dining hall on the University of Michigan's campus. You can use the slides on the left to see three of the screens I designed: one for the dining hall's location on a map, one for the dining hall's menu, and one for one particular food item. I found this project to be very valuable because mobile applications are the rising trend in the design world and experience designing for it was extremely enlightening.

Website Design

I was given the task of designing a website for a company called Be the Link International, a company dedicated to helping women in need. I was given a wireframe as basis and instructed to design the information architecture, theme, and style for a new website. You can see some of the pages I created as a mockup in the slides on the left. I liked the color scheme of the website so much I decided to incorporate it into my personal website, as you can clearly see.


For this project, I was told to pick an artist and make four bookmarks based on paintings by that artist. I chose Norman Rockwell, and you can see the bookmarks I made using the slideshow on the left.

iGoogle Headers

This project was based on the headers on a person's iGoogle website. I made four new ones, based on the four times of day (morning, midday, evening, night). My landscapes were based on the desert planet of Tatooine from Star Wars. You can see the results in the slideshow on the left.