Mural For the Passover Seder

One year my daughter, Rachel, came up with the idea of making a mural for the Maggid (Telling) section of the seder. We bought 15 feet of craft paper and she designed the basic structure of the mural in seven scenes (slavery in Egypt, the Burning Bush, Moses and Aaron confronting Pharaoh, the Ten Plagues, the Exodus, the Parting of the Reed Sea, Revelation at Mount Sinai and into the Wilderness). Rachel sketched it out on the craft paper, and together we painted in the background in pale blue (sky and water) and light brown (sand and earth). The Nile River ran through much of it, and the water symbolism was continued via the Reed Sea and, at the very end, Miriam's Well. We added a few salient features (the outlines of a pyramid, the burning bush, the tablets) and then we hung the mural on the wall. We held our seder in our basement in the kids' playroom that year, to facilitate the project. When we came to the Maggid section of the seder, we invited everyone to join in telling the story through drawings. We provided markers, paper, glue, and stickers (helpful for the Ten Plagues). At first, the adults were hesitant to participate, thinking it a "kid project," but with gentle encouragement, everyone was soon having a great time. The results are here for you to enjoy. The mural remained on the wall until Memorial Day, and it is now carefully rolled up and stored away, a precious souvenir of a seder with wonderful friends. Here are some photos of the action:


Click here to see the mural before the seder

Click here to see the completed mural