Links to Jewish Sites on the Web

Here are suggestions of sites on the web for fun and learning you can fly to.

Social Action

Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism
Israel Religious Action Center
The Association for Civil Rights in Israel
New Israel Fund
The Giving Page: A Tzedakah and Tikkun Olam Resource
The Ziv Tzedakah Fund
Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life
MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger

Here are two resources to help you assess charities you are considering:
National Charities Information Bureau
Better Business Bureau Reports on Charities

Israel and Zionism

Jewish Agency
Jewish National Fund
The World Zionist Organization
American Zionist Movement
The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Israel Embassy, Washington, D.C.
Israeli Tourism and Recreation Website
The Knesset - The Parliament of Israel
"Israel" in CIA Factbook

Israeli Newspapers

Ha'aretz English Newspaper
The Jerusalem Post

Torah Study, Jewish Education, and Family Education

My Jewish Learning
CAJE (The Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education)
ESNA (Jewish Education Service of North America)
Basic Judaism by Seymour Rossel
ORT Education page
Nurit Reshef's Jewish Education Page for parents and kids
Judaism 101
URJ Torah Study
The Conversion to Judaism Homepage
The Israel Museum (Jerusalem)
Beth Hatefutsoth (Museum of the Jewish Diaspora)
The American Jewish Historical Society
Jews for Judaism
Jewish Education Center of Cleveland
Babylonian Jewish Heritage Center
UAHC Family Shabbat Table Talk
Jewish Education and Entertainment
The Poetry of Judah Ha-Levi
What Jews Believe

Holocaust Studies

The Jewish Foundation for the Righteous
The Simon Wiesenthal Center
Steven Spielberg's Shoah Visual History Foundation
Web tour of the Anne Frank House
Anne Frank On-Line
The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Yad Vashem
Holocaust Teacher Resource Center
The Chambon Foundation
The Nuremburg War Crimes Trials
Ghetto Fighters' House: Holocaust and Jewish Resistance Heritage Museum, Israel
March of the Living

Jewish Genealogy

The Jewish Genealogy Home Page
The JewishGen Family Finder
Jewish Genealogy Frequently Asked Questions
Jewish Genealogy Links
Hungarian Jewish Genealogy
Sephardic Genealogy
Ellis Island
America and the Holocaust 

Jewish Life

Synagogue 3000
Hebrew Calendar Tools
Yiddish Book Center
Yiddish Culture Center (and on-line Yiddish courses)
The Karaite Corner
North American Conference on Ethiopian Jewry
Kosher Express Kitchen
Photo tour of how tefilin is made
How to lay tefillin
Tefilin positions: Ashkenazic
Tefilin positions: Sephardic
Sephardic Jewry
Sephardic Studies
Jewish Feminist Resources
Jewish Family and Life
Virtual Jerusalem
Miriam's Cup: A New Ritual for Passover
United Jewish Communities

Jewish History

The Jewish Virtual Library
Zionism and the State of Israel (Hebrew University website)
Jewish History Timelines

Internet Jewish History Sourcebook
World Zionist Organization Archives